Colorful Costa Rican Bird
The Bobo, a local bird sharing the property, sunning outside my window.
Cedar Homes in Puerto Montt, Chile
A lone horse on his way home at the end of a full day of work
South America's volcanic region
Snow-capped volcano separating Bolivia from Chile.
South American Puma
Chilean puma on the opposite side of a swift moving stream/
The Alleyways of Havana
1950s Chevy Deluxe parked in the streets of Havana, Cuba
Atacama Desert Landscape
High elevation volcano in the South America's Atacama Desert


The majority of the travel photography featured in this gallery is from a lengthy 1980s ten-year, 150,000-mile mountain bicycle journey throughout Southeast Asia, China, numerous Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and both South and Central America, before ending in Costa Rica, where it all began a decade earlier.

Whether sleeping in the open air or in popularly priced hotels, traveling by bicycle proved an excellent way to see the world. "Next" towns were frequently hundred-mile rides or more with much to witness along the way. Every day, every ride, and every new country was an adventure not to be forgotten.
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The Makings of a Ten-Year Journey

Superman, the man of steel in China

Traveling in the 1980s

Aconcagua, South America's tallest peak in the Andes

Money Makes the World Go Round

Presiding over a contest at the Hash House Harriers in Thailand

Hash House Harriers

Biking through Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America

Inside the Saddlebags

Papua New Guinea boys raiding a neighboring village

Dangers Ahead!

Horse-drawn taxis in the cobble streets of Guatemala

Long and Strenuous

Chasing headhunters in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea

Chasing Headhunters in the South Pacific

Golden sunrise on the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

China's infamous Wind-Rain covered bridge

The Photography

Aconcagua's 14, foot pass as Cristo Redentor in Chile

Earthly Photos Today

After retiring from bicycle travel, that was not the end of Earthly Photo's travels. The introduction of the digital camera at the turn of the century inspired a continual journeying the backroads of the United States exploring its National Parks and locating the 800 historic covered bridges still standing in rural America. The opening of communist Cuba sparked curiosity and a visit to that extraordinary, but tragic country, all the while, the search for vintage fire trucks still goes on.  

Based in Costa Rica four decades later, a golf club in my hands is more common than my camera, but those yearly photo vacations never grow old.

Photo on the left: Near the chilly base of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas. (1994)
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*China's Great Wall End to End

“China’s Great Wall End to End”
is the survival story of an extreme 1980s, 11-month journey, backpacking across China on top of the Great Wall. From triumphs and jubilation to misery and misfortune, this unusual photo-journal documents this “Seventh Wonder of the World” like never before. An intriguing 20th-century photo expedition solo by Millard Farmer.

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